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Packaging a library when upstream does not build a .so


I would like to get to the point of uploading #519184.  However I have
one issue on which I'm unsure: the library API and ABI would be stable
enough, but upstream is not building or supporting shared libraries yet.
Last time I asked, he had some libtool problem in some obscure
architecture and no time to investigate on it.

Here are the possible options that I could think of:

 1. Patch the package to build a shared library; I already have the
    patch prepared and working.  What version should I pass to libtool?
    0:0:0 is quite obvious, and hopefully when upstream will get to
    shared libraries he will pick a higher one, but what if upstream
    will break API or ABI once or several times before starting to
    support shared libraries?  This is unlikely, but it cannot be
    assumed to be impossible.

 2. Package a -dev only package compiled with -fPIC, so that .so
    language bindings can still link to it




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