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Re: Support of new source packages in squeeze

On Mon, 2009-03-09 at 09:24 +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote: 
> If bzr-builddeb wants to provide the tarballs, they must have been
> injected at some point (otherwise you won't provide pristine tarballs)
> and you could record the additional information at that point.

That is almost true, except for the fact that pristine-tar is not
the only way to provide pristine tarballs.

Your suggestion will work fine where pristine-tar is used, and that
is the recommended method, but there are alternatives.

Considering how uscan and other things will work with multiple tarballs
will at least allow me to understand what is possible.

> > Have you thought about how this will work with things such as uscan?
> > Having some way to check for newer versions of all the tarballs that
> > go together to make the source package would be important.
> I have not designed solution for all tools. But I'm fully aware that uscan
> will need adjustments to cope with this. It's even listed in the wiki
> page. Feel free to file a bug about this so that they can think of a
> solution.
> (That said packages with multiple tarballs are a large minority and it's
> not a big deal if uscan support is not fully aware of additional tarballs
> in the beginning)

I was just wondering if you had considered what a solution might look 
like. It seems like adding a new watch file format that has multiple 
lines would work quite nicely for uscan.

> > Something will be needed for the use case I have, your proposed option
> > sounds sensible to me.
> Ok, will try to have that in dpkg 1.15.1.

Great, thanks,


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