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Re: Support of new source packages in squeeze

On Mon, 2009-03-09 at 12:30 +0100, Jan Hauke Rahm wrote:
> Imagine an orig tarball with a config directory and an orig part-tarball
> named orig-config.tar.whatever. The second tarball would overwrite
> what's in the config dir of the first one when executing dpkg-source -x.
> If you just store that unpacked data in a VCS you've lost what's in the
> config dir in the first tarball because it's overwritten.

Yes, for SVN that is true, but I am writing a plugin for a distributed
system, so it can be made to work, just like you can access the
untouched upstream file that Debian has patched in such a system.

I haven't decided how I think it should work with multiple tarballs yet



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