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Re: Prefix level in Quilt patches

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

> Supporting multiple -pX would increase the complexity of the
> associated code in a manner that is mostly incompatible with the
> various checks that have always been built into dpkg-source (and
> that were only applied on .diff). It's enough error-prone to mimick
> the patch heuristics to identify the file to patch that I did not
> want to have to support multiple -pX.

According to the Quilt documentation, the only levels that need to be
accounted for are ‘-p0’ and ‘-p1’. That's more complexity, but at
least it's not unbounded.

> Furthermore, I believe that consistency is important and that we're
> better with all patches formatted in the same way. Quilt make it
> easy to refresh any patch to the expected format with "quilt refresh
> -p1" (or -pab).

I'm a complete neophyte at Quilt, and am using it only to apply
patches that I've already created elsewhere. Can I expect ‘quilt
refresh -p1’ to work if the patches were not created with Quilt?

> Last point, IIRC, quilt/patch are able to handle patches really
> formatted with -p1 but announced with -p0 (in the series file). I
> didn't want to have to deal with such cornercases. Yet dpkg-source
> has to be able to tell which files have been patched and it must be
> able to check if they exist, and so on.

I don't know enough about the situation you describe to understand,
but I appreciate that a corner case like that sounds painful.

> Feel free to try to write a patch to see the problems by yourself.

I'm writing patches and trying to use them with ‘dpkg-source’, that's
why I began this thread.

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