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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

On Thu Mar 05 17:23, Russell Coker wrote:
> PS  What contributions are you making to any free software projects?  Please 
> note that trolling this mailing list doesn't count as a contribution.
I think you're being a little harsh Russell, but you're right

Bell, I don't think anyone anywhere disagrees that the copyright on
program source also applies to the binary form of the program, or to
other forms it may be converted into. Otherwise I would  be able to
pirate Microsoft office without it being illegal. After all, I'm not
copying the source. Ditto with other forms of non-text works, I don't
think any judge in the world would consider the mp3 of the latest hits
any less copyrighted than the original and that's even a lossy

It therefore follows that any binary inherits the copyright of all the
source components which went to create it, otherwise I could clearly
steal anyone's work merely by adding enough useless code to it.

Hence we reach the same conclusion that Debian did some time ago.


Matthew Johnson

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