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Re: -dbg packages; are they actually useful?

Don Armstrong wrote:
On Tue, 03 Mar 2009, Steve McIntyre wrote:
I've got to wondering: are the large -dbg packages actually really
useful to anybody?


I think they are useful, but probably not for the vast majority of
users. [I've used them on a few dozen occasions.]

What I really wish for is the ability to have a relatively centralized
location where the symbols from every single package ended up that was
separate from the normal mirrors.

Even Microsoft has a service for downloading symbols files for many core windows components on demand (integrated with the crash dump analysis tool. (I forget of the chrash dump tool is part of the pre-installed debugger or it itis seperate)).

It would be really nice to have a similar service. I suppose that if the official buildds would keep the debugging data around using a technique like debug.debian.net uses, and debug.debian.net uses that data, we would be 95% of the way there. Then all we would need is some nice convienece scripts and the deprecation of the -dbg packages.

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