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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

[Mail-Followup-To set again. I note that the last one was ignored...]

I demand that Joerg Schilling may or may not have written...

> Darren Salt <linux@youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>>> In order to create a derived work, you need to add own code of a
>>> sufficient creation level. The simple act of compiling does of course
>>> not create a derived work.
>> By that argument, it seems to me that if I compile (and link) cdrtools,
>> it's not a derived work; but if you compile (and link) cdrtools, it's a
>> derived work. (You've definitely added your own code, whereas I haven't
>> added anything.)

> You seem to be extremely confused. Try to first write as many internal
> draft version before you come back with something that does not contradict
> within a single sentence.

Nice. I point out a problem in what you said, and get accusations of
confusion and self-contradiction in return. I have this suspicion that you're
using two definitions of "derived work" and are picking whichever best suits
your argument.

>>> In addition: if ever, mkisofs could be a derived work if libschily but
>>> not vice vcersa.
>> Now there I don't see any real disagreement (except that I would say not
>> that it may be but that it is).

> You would need to understand the concept of an aimed relationship to allow
> a further discussion.

Hmm, yes, libschily no doubt itself uses the C library, which makes it a
derived work (but then the CDDL presumably has a system library exception).
Best leave it at that, I think :-)

> The GPL is an assymmetrical license and while you are not allowed to let
> non-GPL code call GPL code, the other direction is not affected by the GPL.

I see your troll and I raise you the three-clause BSD licence (by way of
example). And licence incompatibility strikes down your second assertion.

(Hmm. I see another way out: a clean-room reimplementation of libschily,
released under the (L)GPL. No doubt you'll call *that* illegal too...)

Now. Are you prepared to sort out this licensing issue? If not, you should
just accept the existence and availability of cdrkit because there's nothing
that you can do about it. Insist all that you like... oh, wait, you *want*
the attention, don't you... in that case, I'll shut up now :-]

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