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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> wrote:

> > If you did try to disallow GPLd programs to link against independent non-GPL 
> > libraries, you would make _any_ GPLd program undistributable in binary form.
> This is absolute bullshit. Of course it is forbidden to link GPL
> programs against non-GPL-compatible libraries, unless the library is
> ???normally distributed [...] with the major components [...] of the
> operating system???.

You verified many times that you are an extremely hostile person that prefers
to spread FUD. Please stay out, we don't need you!

It seems that you are unable to understand English and it is no miracle that you 
completely missinterpret the GPL.

The so called "OS exception" in the GPL has been created around 1987 in order 
to make the GPL compatible with the license rules of the closed source 
Operating Systems that did forbid to distribute the complete libc while the GPL
before required to distribute the complete libc when binaries from GPLd programs
are distributed.

The "OS exception" in the GPL just allows you to omit things like libc from
"the complete source". The The "OS exception" in the GPL does not allow you to 
treat license compatibility between GPL code and "system libraries" different
from license compatibility between GPL code and any other library that was 
created as a separate work.

I asked Eben Moglen:

  The way I read the GPLv2, the "system exception" in section 3 only 
  gives you the permission to omit the system parts from the "complete 
  source". Where do you see additional differences to other code that 
  is not part of "the system"? 

Eben Moglen replied:
I don't.  I agree with you.  I told Mark and his colleagues that a 
past question raised on the debian-legal mailing list--whether an 
OpenSolaris distribution could combine GNU userland with Solaris 
kernel via OpenSolaris CDDL C-Library--was a non-issue, but that in 
the course of answering it Stallman realized that we would need to 
change the "system library" exception in GPLv3 to make the provision 
clearer.  You are correct that the only question in combining CDDL 
system libraries with GPL'd code is what constitutes complete and 
corresponding source code, and nothing more.  Mark's account of the 
conversation to you was confusing. 

As you see, Moglen sees no way to treat "libschily" different from "libc" on 
Solaris. Both are under CDDL and the FSF clearly confirms that it is perfectly
legal to distribute binaries from GPLd programs compiled for OpenSolaris.


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