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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

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I demand that Joerg Schilling may or may not have written...

> Matthew Johnson <mjj29@debian.org> wrote:
>> On Tue Mar 03 11:07, Joerg Schilling wrote:
>>> The rules of the GPL end at "work" limit and neither libc nor libschily
>>> or libscg are part of the "work" mkisofs. For this reason, there is no
>>> problem with the fact that mkisofs links against libschily and libscg.
>> The FSF certainly believes (and I think it is supported by at least US
>> copyright law) that the complete work of mkisofs linked against libschily
>> and libscg (i.e. the binary form, rather than the source) is a single
>> work which is a derivative work of all three individual (source) works.
>> Therefore, it must be distributed under terms which are compatible with
>> the licences of all three.

> Repeating false claims does not make them correct.

I echo mjj's response: repeating that claims are false does not make them

> In order to create a derived work, you need to add own code of a sufficient
> creation level. The simple act of compiling does of course not create a
> derived work.

By that argument, it seems to me that if I compile (and link) cdrtools, it's
not a derived work; but if you compile (and link) cdrtools, it's a derived
work. (You've definitely added your own code, whereas I haven't added

> In addition: if ever, mkisofs could be a derived work if libschily but not
> vice vcersa.

Now there I don't see any real disagreement (except that I would say not that
it may be but that it is).

> Do you really like to tell us that compiling:

> main()
> {
> 	printf("hello world\n");
> }
> makes libc a derived work of the program "hello world"?

I'd be very surprised if he does mean (not like) to tell "us" that.

You're not by any chance trying to set up a static-linking strawman...? But
even there, I'd still say that program Z from source X and library Y is a
derived work of both X and Y and that in no way does that make Y a derived
work of X or Z.

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