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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

On Mon, 02 Mar 2009, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> I had installed wodim and before I send a bugreport, I try to figure
> out whats going on. And all I know was, that wodim told me after 20
> minutes the CD was ready... No error message or something like this.

So then you have:

1) wodim tries to burn cd
2) cd doesn't actually start burning
3) wodim reports success anyway

These three things form a perfectly legitimate bug report, provided
that you combine them with other information about the drive you're
burning to, etc.
> It took me two month to figure out what happen: wodim is ignoring
> SCSI error messages, something Jöerg has written something like this
> (I think over two years ago).

There's still no bug report filed by you against wodim, AFAICT.
Complaining about bugs in software when you haven't cared enough about
the bug to even file them is a non-starter.

> Sorry, but I have no time to figure out, why a burner station with
> 28 attached SCSI does not work...

And yet you expect a volunteer to find time to magically find out
about your problem and fix it?
> And now with Lenny, my whole system produce per day two hand full
> coredums (the Openoffice cd's are always between 600 and 900 MByte,
> iceweasel, pidgin, gimp, sometimes mutt, courier,...)
> Some of the coredumps are here:
>     <http://devel.debian.tamay-dogan.net/coredumps/>
> And since I am on GSM/GPRS/UMTS (Upstream arround  10kByte/sec)  ist  is
> not realy funny to upload a compressed coredump of 43 MByte on my Server

As near as I can tell, none of these coredumps have corresponding
bugs. Please file them. It's impossible for maintainers of packages to
resolve problems that are affecting you if they don't know about them.

Finally, if your network situtation is really poor, you can always
examine the coredump yourself; it's not that difficult. If a
maintainer needs something specific run on it, they'll ask you for it.

Don Armstrong

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the chuck keys for electric drills.
 -- Terry Pratchet _Pyramids_ p166

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