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Re: Desktop standards, MIME info cache, and Lintian

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> As for update-mime-database, I think it concerns only a very small
> number of packages, but that’s certainly doable.

I've looked into update-mime-database and update-mime. Here's what I think needs
to be done in order to properly adopt triggers support in these packages:

1) Once Lenny is released, upload shared-mime-info and mime-support with
triggers support to unstable (I have patches for both).

2) Once both shared-mime-info and mime-support are in testing, upload a new
debhelper that doesn't add post{inst,rm} snippets for update-mime(-database)
(patch ready too).

3) Add new lintian tags: "script-calls-update-mime-database-directly" and

How does this sound?


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