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urgent RFH: please help test mdadm

I found a bit of time to package up mdadm, which fixes two
RC bugs, but I cannot test it. I've built unofficial packages for
i386 and amd64 and put them at


so please try them out if you can, otherwise I won't be able to
upload them soon, which might delay the lenny release.

mdadm ( unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release, created for Debian lenny:
    - fixes assembly of arrays that are being reshaped (closes: #512475)
    - this bug was also responsible for other assembly problems
      (closes: #498505, #499643, #496334)
    Again, many thanks to Neil Brown for being such an awesome upstream.

  * Documentation updates:
    - Actually install David Pashley's blog post added in, and
      register it with doc-base.
    - Update md.txt to version 2.6.26 (the lenny kernel).
    - Add a dump of a website detailing md superblock formats.
    - Register FAQ, md.txt, RAID5-vs-RAID10, README.recipes with doc-base
    - Cherry-picked UID/UUID typo in mdadm.conf(5) manpage fix (commit
      0e69da7) (closes: #506245).

  * Added Italian debconf translation; thanks Luca Monducci (closes: #506572).

The upstream changes between and .2 are:

piper:..an/pkg/mdadm/mdadm|build|% git cherry -v mdadm-2.6.7.{1,2}
+ 3b9d24da5bdb88f5668d795f22c93911f55682f6 Fix an error when assembling arrays that are in the middle of a reshape.
+ a856723ab6baf9423d7c27fd61c795fc59c26f1d Italic/bold fixes in man pages.
+ 5b53734ed8d9648205957b1b555a4e45fdcb510d Add text to man pages suggesting partition type to use for version 1.x metadata.
+ 15f37068018812e7669e0a1b5da5f53c01eff7e7 Couple more man page fixes
+ 257abe70415427f471ad245f202f153c0aa6d1f5 Describe the HOMEHOST entry in the mdadm.conf man page.
+ 84ba6910af0bb94d599967bc1f3cc62b62f7e94a Fix confusing usage in md.4 man page.
+ fd53a2c5e58438b923a0a03ea40ea92103c54bac Cosmetic cleanup of some messages.
+ 69b24ddc4ef64c46edff7e10463b8e95665b3434 Remove .UR .UE macros from man page because the don't do what we want.
+ d305b6e623bed4767f9c97f01ca5db46482c430b Release mdadm-


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