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cgroup mount point


Some software I intend to package work with the new cgroup feature in
Linux. I would like to open a discussion about what would be the better
place to mount it and how/when to mount it.

Some of the options are:


These two would not be very wise, since some kernel change may create
those two, and, then, we would hide them, at least. /proc/cgroups, for
example, is already there.


The FHS says why we should not create a new subdirectory in the root

1) "It demands space on a root partition which the system administrator
may want kept small and simple for either performance or security

This does not apply here, since we do not require any storage for
/cgroup, but for the directory entry itself.

2) "It evades whatever discipline the system administrator may have set
up for distributing standard file hierarchies across mountable volumes."

Since /cgroup is totally local, I can't see why this will evade

procfs and sysfs are in the root filesystem too. So why not put /cgroup


Many people have been using this. FHS says this "is the location for
special and device files." What is not special about cgroup anyway?

After deciding where to mount it, we may write some code for some of the
init scripts to mount it. I think mountkernfs.sh may be a good place,
since it also mounts /proc and /sys.

Any opinions and comments appreciated.


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