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Re: /usr/share/doc/LANG/, non-english documentation

On Mon, Feb 02, 2009 at 08:43:49PM +0100, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> OoO Pendant  le journal télévisé du  lundi 02 février  2009, vers 20:25,
> Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel@mamane.lu> disait :
> > Context: bug#513898
> > There seem to be a few packages that install non-english documentation
> > in /usr/share/doc/LANG/${ll}/${pkgname}
> > where ${ll} is the two-letter language code and ${pkgname} the package
> > name. But it - by far - is not all packages that provide non-english
> > documentation.
> > I cannot find anything about /usr/share/doc/LANG/ in policy, nor in
> > its upgrade-checklist, so I'm unsure where this comes from and what I
> > should do about it. Do we consider it a bug to ship documentation in
> > this directory? IMHO, we should either ship all non-english
> > documentation in /u/s/d/LANG/$ll or none...
> I would consider /usr/share/doc/$[pkgname}/${ll} a better choice. If the
> language  is not  available, you  can  easily get  the documentation  in
> English.

I agree. '/usr/share/doc/LANG' is awkward by itself: this seems an
attempt to be in /usr/share/doc while avoiding nameclash with packages.
But this is totally useless without a published policy to direct the
reader there. If someone see a need for a policy for location of localized
document, they should propose it (here and for the FHS), but until that
time I would says that using /usr/share/doc/LANG is a bug.

Here the list of packages in sid that use /usr/share/doc/LANG.


(doc-debian-es does not use /usr/share/doc/LANG)

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

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