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Re: Yet another list statistics for debian-devel

On Sun, Jan 18, 2009, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Well, I recieved 3 contra and about 30 pro mails for what I've done.

 Presumably with my suggestion of mailing -project, and mentionning this
 in the developers news you might have reached even more people and
 received more "pro" mails, and you wouldn't have received my "contra"
 mail.  ;-)

>   2. The readers of mailing lists who show activity problems are
>      most probably and will not read -project or -devel so I
>      would not have reached them = I would have failed my basic
>      intention to reach problematic list.

 But they might read debian-news?

>   3. I want to trigger discussion about my specific interpretation
>      of the list activity on the according list.  What would you
>      suggest to approach this without spamming some lists that
>      perhaps does not need this trigger?

 As I suggested already, announce your efforts on a widely read channel;
 -project + -news, or -devel-announce if this is important.

>   4. According to spam: As a side effect I've detected about 4500
>      Spam mails in our archive.  Do you consider sending one single
>      mail to about 30 list as excusable if I might help out to clean
>      up the archive from this mails as a punishment I deserve for
>      this misuse?

 Eh :)

>> I've gotten basically the same template 12 times.
> Thanks for your obviosely high activity in Debian for subscribing
> 12 lists.

 Well you make it sound like it's a large number; these are relatively
 common lists:
 devel, project, vote
 some important ones for some aspects of the project:
 security, release, newmaint, testing, qa, policy, legal[*]
 and personal choices related to my interests:
 desktop, python

 I wouldn't be surprized if some hundreds of DDs are subscribed to >= 15
 Debian lists.  (I've been subscribed or am subscribed to ~80 alioth
 lists BTW and expect it to be the same for a bunch of other DDs as well.)


[*] Yeah I know
Loïc Minier

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