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Yet another list statistics for debian-devel


as you can read in my lightning talk at DebConf


I did some investigation on who is frequently posting
on our mailing lists.  I now created graphs until
end of last year and write a short summary for
those lists I regard worth a comment.  I'm not
CCed to all of this list so if you want to discuss
something please keep me in CC.  If you want to
discuss the results in general just write to debian-project.

All graphs and the code that was used to create the
graphs are available at


If you are interested in a mailing list which was not
analysed, just tell me.  I was running the scripts on
those lists I personally had some interest and those
with more than 1000 subscribers.

I plan to clean up code and write some doc about it
but this will not happen in the next couple of weeks.

The graph for this specific list is

------- <start of mailing list specific part> ------

For me the most interesting thing in this graph is that most activists
have a wave like profile.  The activity increases and decreases at some
point.  We have lost some of the most active posters on the list and
none of them has reached the activity of "the early years".  I have no
idea whether there is a reasonable interpretation of this feature.

Anyway I think I use the chance to thank all those activists from
the years before 2000 because without their effort we would probably
not be where we are.  Their work made Debian attractive enough for
many others who took over now (at least the posting on the mailing
list job ;-)).

Kind regards



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