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Re: Yet another list statistics for debian-devel

On Sun, 18 Jan 2009, Loïc Minier wrote:

Geez instead of spamming every Debian list and making you the top
poster in terms of number of Debian lists today, what about announcing
this no -project and/or -devel and in the next developer news?

Well, I recieved 3 contra and about 30 pro mails for what I've done.
This is about what I expected.  Becuase you are asking in public I try
a short answer:

  1. The template had a specific content which was intentionally
  2. The readers of mailing lists who show activity problems are
     most probably and will not read -project or -devel so I
     would not have reached them = I would have failed my basic
     intention to reach problematic list.
  3. I want to trigger discussion about my specific interpretation
     of the list activity on the according list.  What would you
     suggest to approach this without spamming some lists that
     perhaps does not need this trigger?
  4. According to spam: As a side effect I've detected about 4500
     Spam mails in our archive.  Do you consider sending one single
     mail to about 30 list as excusable if I might help out to clean
     up the archive from this mails as a punishment I deserve for
     this misuse?

I've gotten basically the same template 12 times.

Thanks for your obviosely high activity in Debian for subscribing
12 lists.

Kind regards



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