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Re: Help bts-link be a more effective tool

Ben Finney wrote:
> Since the problem is not with the package itself, but with an external
> service, I think this would be better in DEHS.

DEHS-provided information is displayed in the PTS as well, as it is up to the
package maintainer(s) or collaborators to "fix" it (either on the Debian side,
or by poking upstream).
While I agree that because of the name DEHS looks like a better place, the
current reality is different. And in the case that there's some sort of
concensus on making DEHS the global representation of the relationship between
Debian and the rest of the world, I'd prefer to split the DEHS project into
some "packages-watcher" (the watch files/uscan part) and then see a nice qa.d.o
subdomain assigned to DEHS where data from different projects
(bts-link, "packages-watcher", and anything else that fits in that category but
I'm obviously missing) is presented in a single place.

Note that the above is nowhere near a real decision nor intention, it is just an
idea that popped up while reading your reply, but that can of course be

Raphael Geissert

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