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Re: percentage of popcon submitters

[2009-01-16 10:09] Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>
> The whole thing is a complete unknown.

Of course you're right. But it's the best we have.

Instead of leaving it with ``we simply don't know'', I prefer to
estimate on the (unsure) data sources that are available.

For my case, I received valuable comments and approaches that improved
my estimations, so I thank everyone who contributed!

I now assume one third of all Debian users submit their stats, with
the remark that one third is probably a high guess as it means there
would be only about 230 thousand Debian installations in total. But
according to counter.li.org between 490 thousand and 12 million Debian
users can be estimated. I later reduce the resulting number by one
third to respect users with multiple installations.

I think my final result is not too large, which is to avoid. If it
would be only 1/10 of the true number, I have no problem with it.

thanks again


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