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Re: percentage of popcon submitters

Le Thursday 15 January 2009 23:25:02 Bernd Eckenfels, vous avez écrit :
> In article <[🔎] 20090115210004.GV21644@serveme.schnalke.local> you wrote:
> > My current guess is between 1/3 and 2/3.
> Machines or Users?
> According to Linuxcounter there are estimated 29,000,000 users and debian
> has 18.36% which equals in 5m  debian users. Popcon lists 78k submissions,
> which is less than 2%

Thanks. Unless you setup some experimental method, any argument should reduce 
to handwaving or extension of various particular examples..

The big question (and the big troll) that's hidden behind this question is the 
total amount of installed debian systems.

Since this value is always and always discussed, I don't think there is any 
broadly accepted counting method, hence I don't think the original question 
can be answered...

Or, if you really want to troll, let's switch to the total amount of installed 
debian systems, since this is equivalent, but the de^C^Cbattle should be more 
fun... :-)


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