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Re: Arch:all package depending on package that isn't Arch:any

* Matthew Johnson [Thu, 15 Jan 2009 17:21:03 +0000]:

> > No, the only use for "Architecture: all [i386 amd64]" or
> > "Install-Architecture: i368 amd64" would be as a hint to dak (and other
> > tools) that the package is known not to be installable anywhere else,
> > and hence should not be put in other Packages.gz files. That's *all*
> > that matters AIUI.

> Can't dak work that out itself? (assuming that we are only considering
> archives which are meant to be self-contained).

No. Not without becoming britney or edos-debcheck, or receiving input
from them.

Which is a reason for using an external source: you can have it
dd-writable, and see how that goes (equivalent to having it in
debian/control); you can have it maintained by several people, and see
how that goes; or you can have edos-debcheck/britney generate the list,
and see how that goes.

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