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Re: Arch:all package depending on package that isn't Arch:any

On Thu Jan 15 17:49, Adeodato Simó wrote:

> An arch:all package should be installable anywhere where its
> dependencies can be satisfied. And if they can't be satisfied, dpkg/apt
> will refuse to install it already.
> No, the only use for "Architecture: all [i386 amd64]" or
> "Install-Architecture: i368 amd64" would be as a hint to dak (and other
> tools) that the package is known not to be installable anywhere else,
> and hence should not be put in other Packages.gz files. That's *all*
> that matters AIUI.

Can't dak work that out itself? (assuming that we are only considering
archives which are meant to be self-contained).


Matthew Johnson

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