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Re: Sections - especially section:kde and section:gnome

> IMO, it would make sense to merge Debian sections into a debtags facet
> so that you can have multiple sections when it makes sense. The facet
> could still be controlled by ftpmasters if that was desired. And aptitude
> could use that facet to keep a logical tree but a package could then
> appear in multiple sections.

I think I already said it public more than one time, lets repeat it:
I am sure that sections *will* go away. Yet, right after Lenny we will
gain half a dozen new ones, as getting rid of them is no short term
I think the very first release without sections *COULD* be lenny+2, but
only if people start working on that goal *soon* after lenny got out.
There are many major changes that need to be done before we finally can
bury them.

 - All the usual tools need to fully support them.
 - Sane inclusion into the archive (that alone, with all the
   implications it has for the maintenance of tags, will be a huge step
 - One release where we support both, but favor the new system.

bye, Joerg
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