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Re: Sections - especially section:kde and section:gnome

On Wed, 07 Jan 2009, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> > I don't remember using sections in over 4 years of Debian usage, though
> > I had already used GNU/Linux for a few months before I switched to
> > Debian. But I doubt even a user new to GNU/Linux would use them much.
> Everyone that uses a tool like aptitude does use them much. I guess
> similar is true for a graphical ting like synaptic and whatnot else we
> have.

In fact, the fact that the view is split by section in aptitude is
the reason why I never navigate in the tree but use / (lookup) instead.
The package is not often in the section that I expected.

IMO, it would make sense to merge Debian sections into a debtags facet
so that you can have multiple sections when it makes sense. The facet
could still be controlled by ftpmasters if that was desired. And aptitude
could use that facet to keep a logical tree but a package could then
appear in multiple sections.

Raphaël Hertzog

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