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Re: Bug#510624: ITP: pigz -- Parallel Implementation of GZip

Josselin Mouette, le Mon 05 Jan 2009 00:47:02 +0100, a écrit :
> There is probably a missing piece here. If you start several pigz
> processes, the kernel only sees processes starting a lot of threads, and
> processes only see a given number of cores. There is no interface that
> allows a process to specify how to start more threads, giving the kernel
> the opportunity to start them as it sees fit given the available number
> of cores.

You mean Scheduler Activations?  There's a patch against linux 2.4 ;)
We're definitely diving into OS research :)

More seriously, I wouldn't see the kernel being able to "start" threads,
that's painful to maintain (that's why the LinuxActivations patch hasn't
been maintained). I'd rather see a way for the process to dynamically
know how many processors it can currently expect (something like a
/proc, /sys, /dev or whatever fd with notification), and arrange things
according to that (starting/stopping worker threads for instance).


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