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Re: Bug#510624: ITP: pigz -- Parallel Implementation of GZip

Le lundi 05 janvier 2009 à 00:38 +0100, Samuel Thibault a écrit :
> Sure, but that should be only a user-explicitely-wanting thing.  I would
> really not like to see pigz systematically bind threads.  What if I e.g.
> want to run several pigz processes at the same time because I have a lot
> of cores and a lot of files (I guess pigz doesn't scale so much)?
> Ideally, we should just let Linux manage everything, i.e. put related
> threads together on the same dies, balancing the load according to the
> observed behavior, which can vary a lot depending on the latency of
> reading files, the time to compress, etc.

There is probably a missing piece here. If you start several pigz
processes, the kernel only sees processes starting a lot of threads, and
processes only see a given number of cores. There is no interface that
allows a process to specify how to start more threads, giving the kernel
the opportunity to start them as it sees fit given the available number
of cores.

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