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Re: Bug#510624: ITP: pigz -- Parallel Implementation of GZip

Josselin Mouette, le Sun 04 Jan 2009 16:07:25 +0100, a écrit :
> Le dimanche 04 janvier 2009 à 15:49 +0100, Eduard Bloch a écrit :
> > Sounds like a plan, but I don't feel very comfortable to do that in the
> > Debian package. Let me explain why:
> > 
> >  - sched_setaffinity method seems to be Linux specific
> How is that a problem? You only need to use it in Linux builds.

And revert to using sysconf() in the cases when you're not on Linux.

> >  - it's hard to imagine environments with big difference between
> >    count(cores) and count(available cores)
> It’s already the case in HPC environments, and CPU pinning is certainly
> going to be used more widely as the number of cores increases.

And that's a shame.  Linux shouldn't be so happy to move tasks between


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