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Re: Sections - especially section:kde and section:gnome

On 2009-01-02, Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> wrote:
>> What is the correct usage of this section?
>> Is it for packages that is related to the desktop itself or is it for
>> packages that links against kdelibs ?
>> Should a game using kdelibs go to section:games or section:kde?
> games.
>> should a web browser using kdelibs go to section:web or section:kde?
> Is it usable without large parts of KDE installed? web. Does it need
> lots of KDE? kde. (Where lots is debatable, but kdelibs, kicker, and
> some of the central parts of it would probably be a good guess)

a web browser requires the same standard components from kde as a game.
(Core libs and such)

>> I would personally like to move almost all packages out of section:kde.
>> I wonder if gnome people have it the same way.
> For "right after lenny" we plan to add more sections to the archive. Feel
> free to look at ftp.debian.org bugs and propose more, in case the one
> you would want isn't there - or if you want to have one removed.

I guess we actually need to consider what the sections are good for.
Asking in a random irc channel at least didn't reveal any real answers.
So what about killing the concept of sections entirely ?

Currently, I wouldn't mind losing section:kde though.


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