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Re: Override changes standard -> optional

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 01:34:35PM +0100, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> after some discussion within the ftpteam we just modified a few override
> entries (15 to be exact). The following packages moved from standard to
> optional:
> For the time right after the release we also intend to move ispell,
> iamerican, ibritish, wamerian and dictionaries-common down.

There was the opinion that there should be a wordlist of standard priority,
and that the best for that was wamerican, formerly wenglish. So wamerican
may be left with standard priority.

ispell, iamerican, ibritish and wbritish should all have optional priority
as per dictionaries policy, and there are some bug reports filed about that,

For that reason I suggest that ispell, iamerican and ibritish entries be
modified *right now* to be optional instead of standard. wbritish seems to
be already optional.

Post lenny is possible that ispell, iamerican and ibritish (as well as all
other ispell dictionaries) are either removed or at least made extra

Regarding dictionaries-common, the only reason why it is standard is
wamerican. Some things were done about this in dictionaries-common and
wamerican, so with the current setup it should be possible to have
current wamerican that can be installed either standalone (without
dictionaries-common installed), or along with dictionaries-common
(using its facilities).

For this reason, I planned to make dictionaries-common optional right
after lenny, and the only thing that prevented to do it before was that
iamerican and ibritish were still standard. There is a nasty problem
that can appear if, in a pre-lenny to lenny upgrade, any of the ispell
dictionaries or wordlists are pre-configured before dictionaries-common,
as will happen if they are standard and dictionaries-common optional.
lenny wamerican is already modified to take care of this.

However, we are close to lenny, and some corner case may be hidden, so I
think we should leave dictionaries-common standard by now and change its
priority after lenny.

Regarding ispell, iamerican and ibritish, please consider making them
optional packages right now, without waiting for lenny release.



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