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Re: Adoption of Nix?

Hi Eugene,

2008/12/24 Eugene V. Lyubimkin <jackyf.devel@gmail.com>:
>> The claims that I think are valuable are:
>> - *all* dependencies of a package are automatically found by Nix,
>>   no exceptions,
> Hmm... Nix probably use libastral, doesn't it? Even for C/C++ programs there
> is no way to 100% automatically determine entire list of runtime
> libraries/tools needed for some particular program (consider runtime library
> opening and all non-library dependencies).

This is not about libastral, it's about pure functions (those without

Regarding "runtime library opening" (I suppose, you meant dlopen and friends),
then I suppose, you've found an exception to the rule, but maybe you are wrong.
I'm not a developer of Nix, so I can't say more.

>> - updates and rollbacks are atomic, an update can never break
>>   your system.
> This cannot be true. Consider package maintainer scripts. And, for example.
> purge of config files cannot be reverted.

It can always be reverted if you don't "destructively update" (overwrite) files
and if you can guarantee that filenames do not clash.

> It has nothing to do with our apt infrastructure, it doesn't
> understand it and invented its own wheel. I think no way for Nix in Debian. We
> have excellent dpkg, we have not-so-excellent, but rather good apt, and
> significant amount of Debian users choose Debian just only because of apt. IMO.

I'm not interested in your opinion if it isn't backed by facts, I'm interested
in *informative discussion*. I don't say that dpkg/apt are bad, on the contrary,
I think they are good, but we aren't talking about personal tastes.

It looks like you completely misunderstood the idea, so lurk before
you post. Thanks.

Artyom Shalkhakov.

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