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Re: Adoption of Nix?

Quoth Artyom Shalkhakov <artyom.shalkhakov@gmail.com>, on 2008-12-24 17:17:28 +0600:
> It looks like you completely misunderstood the idea, so lurk before
> you post. Thanks.

Debian List Search, list "devel", author match "artyom shalkhakov":
two matches, all in this thread, not including your most recent two
messages, also in this thread.  Earliest post date: today.

(I'm not a prolific d-d poster myself---mostly a lurker---but I also
don't grant myself the social authority to drop "lurk before you post"
on people's heads.)

Quoth Artyom Shalkhakov <artyom.shalkhakov@gmail.com>, on 2008-12-24 22:17:35 +0600:
> That's too bad for you. Shallow thinking doesn't get you anywhere.

And a purity war against a huge established packaging system base
won't get you much of anywhere either unless you're willing to do an
awful lot of the work and demonstrate that the result is both superior
in practice and sufficiently continuous that it's not just an entirely
different system.

(Actually, realistically, I think you're unlikely to get anywhere
with this regardless, for other reasons.)

Quoth Artyom Shalkhakov <artyom.shalkhakov@gmail.com>, on 2008-12-24 15:08:20 +0600:
> I would like to accentuate that I seek an informative discussion,
> not a holy war.

Yet I see practical issues being raised, and responses mainly accusing
them of "completely misunderstanding" and "shallow thinking".

   ---> Drake Wilson

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