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Re: Adoption of Nix?

Le mercredi 24 décembre 2008 à 17:17 +0600, Artyom Shalkhakov a écrit :
> > It has nothing to do with our apt infrastructure, it doesn't
> > understand it and invented its own wheel. I think no way for Nix in Debian. We
> > have excellent dpkg, we have not-so-excellent, but rather good apt, and
> > significant amount of Debian users choose Debian just only because of apt. IMO.
> I'm not interested in your opinion if it isn't backed by facts

Which facts are you missing?
      * Nix doesn’t follow the FHS and invents its own filesystem
        hierarchy instead.
      * Nix keeps all versions of all packages installed; this not a
        feature but a bug, and quite a serious one.
      * Nix doesn’t allow to transparently replace a library by a newer
        version, which is an even more critical issue, which makes it
        impossible to remotely consider its use on production machines.
      * The implementation sounds full of gross hacks (like grepping all
        files for the hash of the directory with dependencies).
      * Installing each package in its own directory means that no
        shared configuration and no preservation of configuration upon

Furthermore, even if it wasn’t as badly flawed, you seem to be
underestimating the amount of work to change a package manager in a
distribution. Any changes to the package manager must be

If you want to do something useful, I suggest that you grab the
interesting ideas from nix (like binary deltas) and propose patches for
APT to implement them.

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