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Re: Is The number of stable users dropping fast?

On Sun, 21 Dec 2008, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

 2008-09-02 75595
 2008-09-15 76712    <--
 2008-10-01 76532    <--
 2008-10-15 77111
 2008-11-01 79441
 2008-11-15 79694
 2008-12-01 79459
 2008-12-15 79262
 2008-12-20 79202

As you can see, the number of submissions have dropped the last month.
Not by much so far, but it used to increase every week.

Well, it did not really increased every week (see September - October).
We are talking here about numbers < 1%.  It might happen that somebody
installs a cluster of 200 computers by default with popcon and later
realised that it does not make sense to run popcon on every node.  So
there might be other explanations for such a drop and I would starts
becoming curous about what's happening once we are droping at about
5% of the maximum.

IMHO the best thing we can do about this decreasing popcon numbers is
releasing Lenny, right?

Kind regards



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