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Re: Is The number of stable users dropping fast?

[Florian Weimer]

> * Petter Reinholdtsen:
>> The number of installations using testing has been slowly increasing,
>> but not enough to compensate for the reduction in stable
>> installations.  The net effect is that fewer and fewer are submitting
>> to popcon.debian.org.
> This doesn't appear in the per-architecture statistics.  Are you sure
> you got your numbers correct?

Yes.  I get an email with the latest numbers very day. :)

Some examples of the total number of submissions (ignoring those with
unknown arch - around 200 the last year or so):

  2008-09-02 75595
  2008-09-15 76712
  2008-10-01 76532
  2008-10-15 77111
  2008-11-01 79441
  2008-11-15 79694
  2008-12-01 79459
  2008-12-15 79262
  2008-12-20 79202

As you can see, the number of submissions have dropped the last month.
Not by much so far, but it used to increase every week.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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