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Please show some respect while standing on the shoulders of giants


(this is a copy of my blogpost.)

I unsubscribed from -devel and -vote the other day, as the pain/gain ratio
was just not worth it anymore (and -project is very much pending). Sadly, I
still could not escape from what I wanted to escape from, as some people
bring up those discussions and "their style" on planet.

Please show some fscking respect to your peers! Debian is not about freedom
(whether you like it or not, and no matter how you define freedom), it's
not about freedom of speech or being open minded, it's just about creating
the greatest free operating system. The free operating system, that's why
we are here.

I for one, disagree with many debian contributors ideas and believes,
whether (those ideas are) Debian related or not. To give one example, I
think religion is hillarious and believing in (a) higher being(s) is a sure
sign of an ill (or weak, or both, or whatever) mind. (Quite similar to
smoking btw, and for those who don't know, I do smoke.) But I'm not shoving
this down all the time to anybody who makes a religious reference in Debian
(nor in real life). Quite the contrary, I do admire quite some people who
take motivation out of their religious believes to do things they think are
good. I belive this is quite common the other way round too, eg when
religious and human-rights motivated groups work together to help
immigrants. They dont share (all) the same beliefs, and in some they have
huge disagreements (eg. I think religion is the root and a
means^wcontributor to many of the worlds evils) but they choose to
respectfully disagree on these views to be able to work together on the
common goal they share: help immigrants. 

And in the same way I (try to) (dis)agree with my fellow Debian peers about
their insane or great ideas. I try to respectfully disagree (or
respectfully agree). And I do acknowledge that I sometimes fail, eg the
above words about religion might have hurt some peoples feelings. I do give
a damn about having hurt those people (so I ment to say sorry with that in
cheek damn joke), even though I dont give a damn about religion. And I
think the last sentence might have been too sharp to be respectful while I
belive the above paragraph is fine. I also think its fine to be
disrespectful (in or outside Debian) once in a while, since we are all
humans and make mistakes once in a while, but I dont think it's fine to
have those people in Debian who fail all the time (or too often), be it
because they are incompetent to treat fellow peers with respects or because
they dont care (or because they think they do something good with their
kindergarten rhetoric).

Contributing to Debian is not a human right (and suppressing some voices
(and esp. noise) in Debian is not censorship, for fucks sake!). We are only
here, because we are standing on the shoulders of giants (except for the
very few giants amoung us) and because we want to create/improve a great
operating system. And thats why I think it's perfectly acceptable and
desirable to not allow those messages here, which are distracting and/or
blocking of from reaching this goal. An occasional outburst (and be that a
2-4 weeks long or a single big outburst) doesnt qualify in my book for
being kicked out, no matter how harsh or unreasonable it was. Constant
disruption IMO is. Where to draw the line is tricky (and I'm convinced
there can't be a single written "line" covering everything in Debian), but
not to draw any lines will result in only the vocal and thick-skin
minorities to stay. 

And with nice, respectful communities (which have a policys quite a lot
like the DFSG) like fedora and ubuntu available, failing to be(come again)
a respectfull community might really contribute a lot the end or slow
decline of Debian. Sure, "the end of Debian!11" is a somewhat constant
meme, but it is (sadly) not like Debian is undestroyable.  Debian is very
certainly much easier to destroy than to rebuild. 

We need to take measures to prevent some peoples ideas of freedom from
harming or destroying the project. And I don't mean some peoples ideas of
Debian police state or Debian teletubby county - I'm very confident those
ideas will not win here. But sadly I can see the results of poisonous
people, or rather, their behaviour win.

And undoubtfully I also can see many great people in Debian making sure
this will not happen.

The future is unwritten and I wish you show your fellows the respect they
deserve. Debian wasn't made by you, more than 99,99999% of it was made by
other people.  And if you have to, attack ideas, not people. And usually
it's also unneeded to _attack_ an idea (merely challanging it is usually
enough), because usually the Debian person proposing it is not so stupid
not to take your criticism into consideration.

That's why I'm still in favor of a social committee, even though I see very
much the dangers of power abuse and the cultural norms in a world wide
project. But I see much more danger in not stopping unrespectful assholes
from urinating into our living rooms and work benches, using the waiver of
"free speech" and "we all have different standards of whats acceptable."

Simpler said: either you respect the community or this community shall not
be yours.

That said, I wish you all a very merry xmas, whether you celebrate and
believe, or one of the two, or none. Be happy and let it be. And may we
have a great 2009, despite we'll release lenny that late! ;-)


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