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Re: Josselin Mouette and Planet Debian


On Thu, 2008-12-18 at 23:04 +1100, Russell Coker wrote:
> The above article concerns the damage that Josselin's actions cause to the 
> Debian project.  D-d-a is not that different from other parts of Debian, bad 
> behaviour in other forums also hurts the project.

I think that flame-war threads with 81 posts in them resulting in many
contributors slagging many other contributors also hurts the project. In
fact, I find it quite appalling.

If we are truly concerned about the health of Debian, then why do we
continuously flame other people's behaviour?  These flame-wars are
causing much more damage to Debian than any bad stories being published
on websites will ever do.

I am reading things recently like discussion about people making
petitions to expel other people from the project entirely (e.g. Manoj),
flame-wars like these, and other crap. This stuff is tearing Debian
apart, and while people may feel that these concerns are valid -- they
really are not worth the damage that raising them in this way is

Reading stuff like this concerns me about the future and viability of
Debian. As most people who contribute to Debian, I do so with the goal
of improving Debian's utility to myself (in the choices of packages I
choose to maintain -- those are programs I tend to use), and to the rest
of the community (hopefully they like to use them too). If stuff like
this continues, there may not be any perceived point in improving
Debian. (Why work on an OS that has an undefined future?)

Debian is a project to create a free operating system, not a trolling
collective. If you have issues with Josselin, then you should resolve
those in a private environment. You, and everyone else, have the right
to ignore other people, and what they are doing outside of their
contributions to the project.

People who do a great amount of work on Debian (manoj and joss and who
knows who will be next) -- far more work than I do on Debian -- are
being targeted by vigilantism. This is truly unacceptable. Maybe they
deserve it, maybe they do not, but this is stuff that I at least find

Everyone should stop playing this drama game, and get back to working on
releasing Lenny. Every moment that is wasted on bullshit like this is
time that could be spent on fixing an RC bug.


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