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What is involved in NEW processing?

Since I am not (yet) a DD and the remaining RC bugs for lenny are
largely beyond me - I have been keeping an eye on the list - I'm looking
for ways to contribute that aren't packaging.

It occurs to me that the NEW queue is pretty static for large periods of
time (and in the middle of a freeze, this is pretty understandable). Not
being a DD I don't, of course, expect to just be let loose on the queue,
but I understand the checks are time-consuming. Would it help you if I
performed checks on packages as much as I can do, and report back to
some nominated DD?

What I'm after at the moment is to understand what gets more subtle
checks, beyond the obvious, to make sure I'm not stretching myself too
far. If this is the wrong place to ask such a thing, please feel free to
redirect me. 

Of course, if you have suggestions on other contributions I can make, do
say so. I have a slightly vested interest in NEW since I have some
packages in there :-)


Jonathan Wiltshire

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