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Re: What is involved in NEW processing?

On 18/12/08 at 17:45 +0000, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> Since I am not (yet) a DD and the remaining RC bugs for lenny are
> largely beyond me - I have been keeping an eye on the list - I'm looking
> for ways to contribute that aren't packaging.
> It occurs to me that the NEW queue is pretty static for large periods of
> time (and in the middle of a freeze, this is pretty understandable). Not
> being a DD I don't, of course, expect to just be let loose on the queue,
> but I understand the checks are time-consuming. Would it help you if I
> performed checks on packages as much as I can do, and report back to
> some nominated DD?
> What I'm after at the moment is to understand what gets more subtle
> checks, beyond the obvious, to make sure I'm not stretching myself too
> far. If this is the wrong place to ask such a thing, please feel free to
> redirect me. 
> Of course, if you have suggestions on other contributions I can make, do
> say so. I have a slightly vested interest in NEW since I have some
> packages in there :-)

There was a thread about that just a few weeks ago. Start with
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2008/12/msg00112.html .
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