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Re: problems with the concept of unstable -> testing

On 16/12/08 at 14:21 +0100, Bastian Venthur wrote:
> I think this question is nonsense. While the bug-fix rate was more or
> less the same since the last two releases, it looks like in this release
> we actually started the freeze with much more RC-bugs than before. So it
> was foreseeable that the freeze will take longer this time. We can't
> solve the problem by fixing bugs faster (that won't work anyways). So
> what's the point of asking how many RC-bugs one has fixed? Does that
> mean only those are allowed to make suggestions, who fixed an RC bug?

I agree. It's clear that most people don't work on RC bugs instead of
working on their packages: during freezes, they just stop working on
Debian, since it's judged socially incorrect to work on one's packages
in unstable or experimental during the freeze.

We should really think of ways to allow people to continue improving
unstable during freezes, while making sure that this doesn't affect the
release (ie, lower buildd priority for unstable packages, for example).
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