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Re: problems with the concept of unstable -> testing

Bastian Venthur wrote:

> Russell Coker schrieb:
> [...]
>> While changes to the processes for uploading new packages are probably
>> not desirable when a freeze is starting, it seems that Lenny might be
>> delayed for
>> a while.  So if the GR on the Lenny release ends up actually changing
>> anything then I suggest that we make some changes to prevent stalling all
>> development.
> I support that request. Not only is unstable quite outdated already
> (bleeding edge?) it also becomes more and more a problem since the
> kernel and Xorg aren't updated anymore in unstable. That means that
> newer hardware (especially Laptops) don't fully work anymore (WLAN,
> Graphic, Sound).
> Since we're making it very hard for our users to get their new hardware
> working seamlessly, unstable becomes more and more unattractive compared
> to other distributions.
> Some suggest to cherry pick packages from experimental, but first some
> packages like the kernel aren't even available there and second, since
> experimental is not part of the unstable > testing > stable flow, it has
> the aura of sandbox/playground/if-your-box-breaks-its-your-own-fault.
> And officially we don't even recommend using unstable, aren't we? So for
> me that argument is invalid.
> What I'd like to see is a solution where unstable is *never* frozen,
> maybe by replacing the current frozen unstable with something temporary
> and putting it between unstable and testing, where all the fixes go
> while all the new stuff can still go into unstable but cannot enter the
> next step while we're in the freeze:
> Normal:
> experimental || unstable > testing > stable
> Freeze:
> experimental || unstable || $something frozen > testing > stable
> Basicly we already have this with:
>             experimental || unstable > testing > stable

Something like

        experimental || unstable-be || unstable-pt > testing >> stable


experimental    Real sandbox/playground/if-your-box-breaks-its-your-own-fault
unstable-be     Bleeding-Edge   Constantly updated to "newest upstream"
unstable-pt     Pre-Testing     Last "considered long-time and stable" upstream
                                Bug-fixing, actual "unstable"
testing         as actually     Future Stable


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