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Re: Possibly excessive lintian warnings

>> The only thing that's been seriously discussed with an eye to
>> implementation, so far as I know, is to automatically reject on the basis
>> of a hand-selected and very limited subset of Lintian tags, which would
>> probably not affect anything that you're doing and which would certainly
>> not automatically block packages with proper overrides.  I don't think
>> this is going to hurt you as much as you think it would.
> Some people in this thread are suggesting automatic rejecting based on any E: tag.

Those people won't be the ones who implement it.

Those who will implement it will, of course, make sure to crawl through
lintian.debian.org making sure to only reject on tags that hit the most
packages possible as they don't have any better things to do than
pointlessly rejecting packages just for fun.

One of the sentences is a joke.

bye, Joerg
Some NM:
>  3. How do you manage new upstream releases?
yes i manage them.

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