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Re: NEW processing

On 03/12/08 at 19:52 +0200, George Danchev wrote:
> I'm afraid that skipping the 3rd thing `trying to reduce the number of bugs in 
> Debian' [1] would lead to a massive waste of time for autobuilders caused by 
> these subsequent uploads meant to bring the package(s) in a technically sane 
> shape, that is what would have been rejected by the ftpmasters in the first 
> place.

Buildds are machines, that only eat power. Unless we have a GR to
change the SC to "Our priorities are our users, free software and the
environment", I don't think that we should value power higher than
DDs and users' frustrations.

> So, it is much better these to be detected and probably rejected 
> before doing any more harm on their way. Low quality packages won't help 
> users either, nor these users get the finally fixed and brought into 
> relatively sane shape package faster.

I'm quite sure that most of our users would value "getting all new
versions of important software a week earlier" higher than "get packages
later, but with less packaging bugs". As already pointed out in this
thread, lots of people use Ubuntu despite the (perceived) lower quality
of universe packages :P
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