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Re: NEW processing

On 2008-12-03, Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:
> [Michael Tautschnig]
>> Instead, currently, they get distracted by many easy-to-spot errors
>> (including lintian warnings/errors, which really doesn't require one
>> to be an ftp-master to see...).
> This issue could be solved by automatically rejecting all packages
> with a lintian error when it show up in NEW.  This way the prospective
> maintainer get an immediate feedback and a motivation to fix the
> problems.  As the ftpmasters check the lintian override file, the
> quick and dirty way to get rid of lintian errors and warnings will not
> work.
> Anyone know why this isn't done already?

Because it is a stupid idea?

lintian is too picky and not all packages can fit in the perfect world.

Adding overrides to something that is a bug in the package, but not
something you as maintainer will fix right now is not the right thing to
do, but the state with some errors might be better than what the users
currently have.

And from my maintainer point of view, lintian becomes more and more
irrelevant, as it warns about more and more stupidities, so the real
issues is being hidden in the amount of crap outputted.


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