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Re: SmellyWerewolf.com perfume & make-up discount

Miriam Ruiz writes:

> Apart from the fact that d-d-a is not a list for making stupid jokes,
> here you find:
> - The use of the word "chick" in reference to females. Chick is a
> slightly derogatory, condescending common usage (slang) expression for
> a young woman. I know that there's an open discussion on this, in any
> case it refers to a hot or cute female.
> - The only mention women get in the text is thus through a sexual
> objetification.
> - It is obviously openly ignoring the existence of females in the
> mailing list, stating "male" as the norm there. Androcentrism.
> Sorry but Debian is not a men's club and we're not their "chicks".

When do we get to the self-righteous outrage about the
net-hosting-user-centric view perpetuated by the "hosting discount"

If we do not expect to have that, why is this -- rather tenuous --
alleged sexism so different?

I say rather tenuous because males are a marked minority in the market
for the products mentioned in the satire, so it's hard for me to
understand how it constitutes androcentrism.  Your entire hypothesis
on why the satire was sexist, in fact, is explicitly heteronormative.
Aren't you concerned about offending non-straight members of the
Debian community?

Michael Poole

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