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Re: SmellyWerewolf.com perfume & make-up discount

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 01:57:28PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         Since when have sexist remarks come under being "humour"? If you
>  think locker room conversations and objectification of women are funny,

Maybe I'm missing something. Which parts of the original email, specifically,
were sexist or objectifying of women?

Can you explain why? I am genuinely confused.

Just as an advert for a men's perfume in real life would advertise that it
attracted women to you, it is reasonable to assume that a parody of a perfume
company would use the same advertising. Do you consider all perfume companies to
be sexist? Even the perfume companies for women? Or is it the word "chick" that
has upset people? If so, why? Is this any different from "dude"?


Noah Slater, http://tumbolia.org/nslater

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