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#501774 - where should the library source go?

folks, hi,
with respect to RFP #501744 pyjamas package, i thought it best to
explain the code's layout and also ask some advice on where files
should be installed.

pyjamas is general-purpose compiler technology, not just a random
"dumb" tool with a single fixed - and unexpandable - purpose. the
libraries that come with the current versions of pyjamas are the
_first_ of their kind, but they certainly won't be the last.

the code is broken down as follows:

* pyjs/pyjs.py - the python-to-javascript compiler.  takes input file
name or stdin, outputs to stdout or output file.  module pathnames
_have_ to be given to it, to make sure that it DOES NOT read in any
python modules from STANDARD python2.4/2.5/2.6 locations. suitable for
general-purpose use.

* builder/build.py - a specialised builder which is targetted at
building web applications: it adds the default pyjamas-web "library"
path automatically; it adds a few pngs, gifs and outputs an html
template into a subdirectory.  NOT suitable for general-purpose use.

* library/pyjslib.py - a dedicated library that provides
javascript-equivalents of python builtins "List, Dict, Tuple, str,
len" etc. etc. suitable for general-purpose use.

* library/ui.py, DOM.py, Window.py etc - the web-specific libraries
that provide the basis for pyjamas "widgets" running _specifically_ in
web browsers.  like build.py, these library files are not appropriate
for general-purpose use.

so that's the background.  the equivalence, if this was gcc, would be
as follows:

* pyjs.py would be /usr/bin/gcc

* build.py would be... ohh... perhaps something like... autoconf.

* pyjslib.py would be /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.3.2/libgcc.a

* DOM.py would be ... ooo... /usr/lib/libglib.so and /usr/include/glib/glib.h

* ui.py would be... /usr/lib/libgtk.so

my question, therefore, is:  where in hell's name should these files
be installed????

* pyjs.py is obvious: it goes into /usr/bin/pyjs.py

* build.py is slighly less obvious: it should be called /usr/bin/pyjswebbuild.py

* pyjslib.py i have absolutely NO clue about.
/usr/share/pyjamas/library/pyjslib.py ?
/usr/lib/pyjs/library/pyjslib.py ?

* DOM.py and ui.py etc. i have NO clue.
/usr/share/pyjamas/library/pyjamas/DOM.py ui.py Window.py etc. ?
/usr/lib/pyjs/pyjamas/DOM.py ?

these files MUST be kept the hell away from "standard" python: pyjamas
is a COMPLETELY different toolchain, it's a completely separate
compiler, that _happens_ to take its input as python and _happens_ to
output javascript.  pyjamas must neither be allowed to get
non-explicitly-given access to standard python (/usr/lib/python*,
/usr/share/python-support/*) not must standard python be given access
to pyjamas libraries.

that being the case, someone needs to "invent" a standard location
where all libraries contained as part of the pyjamas "package", and
all FUTURE libraries which depend, in future, on the pyjamas compiler,
are to be installed.

can anyone come up with any good ideas?



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