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Re: #501774 - where should the library source go?

Hi Luke,

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> with respect to RFP #501744 pyjamas package, i thought it best to
> explain the code's layout and also ask some advice on where files
> should be installed.
I should think that most of it should be somewhere under
/usr/share/pyjamas, the builder probably not, but it needs a better name
pyjamas-build or so to go into /usr/bin.

> * pyjs.py would be /usr/bin/gcc

> * build.py would be... ohh... perhaps something like... autoconf.
Not more like make? I never called pyjs directly.

> my question, therefore, is:  where in hell's name should these files
> be installed????

> * pyjs.py is obvious: it goes into /usr/bin/pyjs.py
I wouldn't unless one needs to call it directly. Also, lose the .py for
stuff in /usr/bin

> * build.py is slighly less obvious: it should be called /usr/bin/pyjswebbuild.py

> * pyjslib.py i have absolutely NO clue about.
> /usr/share/pyjamas/library/pyjslib.py ?
> /usr/lib/pyjs/library/pyjslib.py ?
> * DOM.py and ui.py etc. i have NO clue.
> /usr/share/pyjamas/library/pyjamas/DOM.py ui.py Window.py etc. ?
> /usr/lib/pyjs/pyjamas/DOM.py ?
These (both "*"s) should all go somewhere under /usr/share/pyjamas.
share vs. lib is whether the files are *arch*-dependent, which they are not.

> that being the case, someone needs to "invent" a standard location
> where all libraries contained as part of the pyjamas "package", and
> all FUTURE libraries which depend, in future, on the pyjamas compiler,
> are to be installed.

Well, the question I'd have is whether pyjamas really is stable enough
to go into unstable.

> can anyone come up with any good ideas?

For the most part, you seem to have figured it all out already.

Kind regards


Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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