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Re: /tools removed from mirrors

Joerg Jaspert, le Tue 18 Nov 2008 08:47:43 +0100, a écrit :
> >> And noone complained when I asked about it in August this year, so now
> >> its gone.
> > Uh, I wasn't yet subscribed to debian-devel at the time and thus
> > wasn't aware of that goal.  It sure is still useful for blind people
> > booting from a DOS bootdisk with a screen reader (still so far the only
> > accessible "bootloader")
> If we really need it for some support I'm happy to put those neccessary
> files back. The best way for this would be an upload of a package
> (or multiple) including a byhand component for the part to be put into
> tools/. Like, for the unzip stuff one of unzip, the gzip part via gzip,
> etc. as had been done with loadlin in the past.

Do you believe that the unzip stuff will really get into Lenny?

I'm asking because the loadlin package used to upload a complete .zip,
but that is useless for the user if he doesn't have unzip to unpack it.
And that being said, I have always been wondering whether we shouldn't
just put loadlin.exe and its manual as loadlin.txt which is a lot easier
to use than having to unpack it first...


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