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Re: screenshots.debian.net

On Monday 17 November 2008 18:13:55 Daniel Burrows wrote:
> > There is one. It uses the HTTP protocol. :) Just do an HTTP POST request
> > and send the three fields like in the upload form.
>   Err...when I go to upload I get a webform, not a URL to point to?  How
> do I generate an "HTTP POST request" in C++?  Open a TCP socket and send
> some magic down it?  I guess I can find an RFC with the right Google
> query...

You are probably looking for Poco::Net::HTMLForm and Poco::Net::HTTPRequest* 
classes found in the poco library (already in Debian along with documentation 
package) or at least to see their implementations as found in Net/src.

>   When the user clicks on a package in the GUI interface, they see the
> description of the package.  I don't know what sort of load this would
> impose once the interface is out of "beta", but I'm guessing it's a lot
> more than you're seeing through the Web service.
>   I'd like to make good use of this service, but I don't want to turn
> it into a smoking crater in the process. ;-) I don't really know what
> image-fetches-per-second translates into at your end, so I guess I'm
> looking for some guidance.

I'm afraid that such frivoulous image fetching would be magnitude or two more 
heavier to serve than fetching the new packages for today from a local Debian 
mirror(s), since users are more likely to performe the latter once or twice 
per day, but the former any time they feel bored or experiencing a long long 
day ;-)

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