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Re: screenshots.debian.net

On Mon,17.Nov.08, 08:13:55, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   Let's just say, hypothetically speaking, that I'm the developer of a
> GUI package manager for Debian.  It would be nice (where by nice I mean
> *really UBERCOOL*) if, whenever users see a list of packages, they could
> see a little thumbnail next to each package with a screenshot of the
> package.  When the user mouses over the screenshot, I could pop up a
> tooltip and fetch the full image into it.
>   My comment was that while I think this would be a really nice feature
> for my software, it seems like it would probably put too much of a burden
> on your resources.  I doubt there's any way to do this in a way that
> decreases the load, but maybe you have ideas I'm missing.

Maybe for stable it would make sense to create a "debian-screenshots" 
package that could be used by all package managers wishing to provide 
this or similar functionality.

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